Source code for vcs.colors

from genutil.colors import rgb2str, str2rgb  # noqa

except NameError:
    basestring = str

[docs]def matplotlib2vcs(cmap, vcs_name=None): """ Convert a matplotlib colormap to a vcs colormap Input can be either the actual matplotlib colormap or its name Optional second argument: vcs_name, name of the resulting vcs colormap :param cmap: A matplotlib colormap or string name of a matplotlib colormap :type cmap: :py:class:`str` , :param vcs_name: String to set the name of the generated VCS colormap :type vcs_name: :py:class:`str` :returns: A VCS colormap object :rtype: vcs.colormap.Cp """ import vcs import import warnings if isinstance(cmap, basestring): try: cmap = except Exception: raise RuntimeError("Could not retrieve matplotlib colormap: %s" % cmap) if vcs_name is None: vcs_name = i = 0 vcs_name_final = vcs_name while vcs_name_final in vcs.listelements("colormap"): vcs_name_final = vcs_name + "_mpl_%.3i" % i i += 1 if vcs_name_final != vcs_name: warnings.warn( "%s colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: %s" % (vcs_name, vcs_name_final)) vcs_cmap = vcs.createcolormap(vcs_name_final) cmap_rgbs = cmap(list(range(0, cmap.N))) for i in range(0, min(cmap.N, 256)): vcs_cmap.setcolorcell(i, *([int(x * 100) for x in cmap_rgbs[i][:4]])) return vcs_cmap
[docs]def loadmatplotlibcolormaps(): """ Convert all matplotlib colormaps to vcs colormaps """ import matplotlib.pyplot as plt mpl_cmaps = sorted(m for m in if not m.endswith("_r")) for cmap in mpl_cmaps: matplotlib2vcs(cmap)